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  • Solution: Collaboration
  • Application: Mobility Solutions, Unified Communications
  • Market: Healthcare

With Microsoft Lync, the Customer Builds User Productivity With Advanced Unified Communications

Collaboration and communication are the basic values that drive this company, and as an innovator of clinical back office solutions. Healthcare organizations face daunting levels of operational complication. Governmental regulations demand high degrees of privacy protection and records control. The problems of insurer billing and revenue recovery are notoriously complex and difficult to manage. Coordinating electronic health records (EHRs) across facilities, practices and practitioners, likewise, requires highly detailed information management capabilities.


  • Install and configure new Microsoft Lync trial collaboration platform
  • Integrate Lync with existing Avaya phone system infrastructure
  • Expand usefulness and collaborative advantages of existing Outlook email systems
  • Build reliable foundation for new unified communications user experience


  • Implemented Lync Server 2010 infrastructure for 300 pilot users
  • Coordinated multiple technology teams to achieve optimal feature configurations
  • Integrated Lync services with existing Microsoft Outlook and Office applications
  • Leveraged current licenses and customer assets to create seamless UC experience