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  • Solution: Managed Services
  • Application: Managed Services Security, Remote Monitoring

SmartPoint Guard Detect powered by Clone Systems® services includes:

  1. Penetration testing – managed and self-managed
  2. Vulnerability scanning for ongoing security best practice
  3. ASV Scanning – for PCI, HIPAA, FDIEC and other industry related compliance

Carousel’s Managed Penetration Testing service can be customized to accommodate each enterprise’s individual security concerns. Security experts use industry-leading tools to complete an in-depth analysis to identify and report critical network assets that are vulnerable or at risk. The process includes external penetration testing, whereby all Internet-facing systems are examined for security vulnerabilities remotely from our security operation center. It can also include an internal penetration test, in which Carousel remotely tests the enterprise’s internal assets utilizing pre-configured devices that are installed at the client’s premises. The engineers perform a combination of white and black box testing over a period of 4 days to create an initial ‘vulnerability report’ which is provided to the customer to assist with remediation. Following remediation, Carousel’s engineers will then re-scan the network, at no additional cost, to provide a complete pass report.