Audit and
Expense Management

Don’t you wish you had the time to perform a complete billing audit, just so you’d know where every penny of your telecom budget goes?

We didn’t think so.

Carousels’ Audit and Expense Management experts, however, are those rare breed of individuals who actually enjoy diving into any billing scenario and creating clarity from chaos.

Our risk-free telecom audit helps identify waste, increase efficiency and reduce costs, producing average annual savings of 10% to 30% per customer.

Where do those savings come from? Our Audit and Expense Management team:

  • Identifies unused and obsolete services
  • Performs a complete inventory of all telecom infrastructure components
  • Calculates a comprehensive cost analysis and recommendations
  • Reviews all purchasing contracts for compliance
  • Uncovers current and historical overcharges available for reimbursement

Best of all, there are no costs to the customer unless our team finds savings, and THEN we get paid, when you do.

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