From facilitating global communications to connecting dispersed virtual offices, Internet access has become a cornerstone of today’s business operations. Options on Internet speed, availability, scalability and security can accommodate a wide range of business needs, whether you’re an international behemoth or a mid-market enterprise organization.

DSL and T-1’s – yesterday’s speed demons – are considered sluggish by today’s technology standards. Carousel’s Carrier Services Internet options range from Cable broadband to 10MB to 10 Gig Ethernet connections (and everything in between) – delivered over fiber and meeting standard requirements for both primary and redundant carriers with diverse paths into your building to ensure you’re always connected.

And today’s Internet technology isn’t just about customer emails and contact center chats:

  • Internet access enables the Cloud
  • Connects remote employees to corporate resources
  • Facilitates student and medical research
  • Enhances training and collaboration through streaming video… and provides a myriad of other business advantages.

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