Wide Area Network

Feeling wan about your WAN? Don’t! Thanks to the rise of Carrier Ethernet, a well-designed, ultra-boosted Wide Area Network is being touted as the latest and greatest path to business transformation.

In fact, legacy data services have fallen behind bandwidth purchased for business Ethernet services – a trend which won’t be flattening anytime soon. Ethernet’s plug and play provisioning simplicity, scalability, and cost efficiencies bring tangible benefits.

Selecting the optimal wide area networking service and partner to meet your emerging needs can be challenging given the many choices. Whether you’re looking for Ethernet, Private Line, MPLS (IP VPN), Dark Fiber or SONET our team of consultants can tailor a customized solution to meet you’re business needs.

What could an enhanced WAN mean for your business?

  • Lower cost per megabyte (MB)
  • Better data storage backup, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Faster throughput to support mission-critical, bandwidth-intensive applications like high definition video and cloud computing
  • Targeted design to enable higher bandwidth availability, security, redundancy and scalability

Our Carrier Services WAN experts are at the forefront of today’s connectivity trends and understand how to turn the average WAN into a competitive advantage.

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