Reinforce Your IT Workforce with Dedicated Resources

Ever wish you had the support of one more team member? Our Dedicated Resources Model can offer just that. It’s an excellent solution for a business that needs extra IT staff, yet has limited resources to manage them. Here at Carousel Industries, we have a team of highly skilled, enthusiastic and experienced IT professionals who are willing to work full-time at your site.

We offer the capabilities to easily add a technical resource employed by Carousel so you can avoid taking on permanent in-house personnel. Over 70 of our customers are reaping the benefits of having dedicated technicians, analysts and software specialists onsite to perform daily tasks. These arrangements range from a single location with one resource to multiple locations with several techs to a devoted resource within a campus environment. Our technicians have long-term supporting roles in industries such as hospitals, banks, universities, insurance companies, local and state government agencies and major businesses.

    Benefits include:

  • A knowledgeable representative to act on your behalf
  • Frees up your time to focus on strategic goals
  • Costs are reduced by Carousel managing performance reviews and payroll
  • Immediate notification of any hot incidents prior to internal escalation
  • Experienced staff across different IT domains

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Carousel Industries consultants and engineers welcome your questions as a critical part of developing the most appropriate data solution to meet your specific needs. Contact us to learn how a dedicatate technical resources can augment your workforce.

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Carousel’s Dedicated Resources Model creates efficiencies which can streamline IT projects, fill in the gaps and save your organization both time and bottom-line dollars.

Ambassador for the Customer:

  • Having a dedicated resource onsite will support your end-users on a day-to-day basis
  • They will act in your best interest when it comes to adhering to internal processes and policies
  • You will gain confidence in their ability to alert you of any issues that arise outside the normal work day before escalation to upper management

Do I have to hire, train and conduct performance reviews for this new hire?

No, Carousel staffs the employee(s) (hires, trains, and conducts performance reviews with customers’ feedback). The customer presides over the dedicated resource’s daily work schedule.    

The dedicated resource is a Carousel employee. Carousel will hire, train and conduct performance reviews.  Our customers often like to interview the candidates prior to Carousel’s hiring. Carousel is responsible for payroll. Carousel will train employees, yet the customer’s internal processes and procedures will require them to train the Dedicated Resource.  At the time of performance reviews (two times annually), Carousel will reach out to our customer to provide feedback. Carousel has a STAR program and appreciates receiving end-users’ commendations for a job well done

What skill set do dedicated resources possess?

Our dedicated resources range in skill sets based on customers’ requirements, such as a MAC tech, Software Specialist, Project Manager and engineers with knowledge in switching and data networking. Some roles are utilized as a technical analyst or devoted to a customer’s help desk. One aspect they have in common is meeting the customer’s specific IT needs. 

Is there a way for the IT specialist to manage multiple locations situated at one customer site?

Yes, Carousel offers the unique opportunity to have an employee working at our customer’s site with the added benefit of remotely supporting additional remote locations. In a campus environment, the resource may travel from building to building in support of end-users. 

What is the fee associated with the service?

For a fixed monthly fee, Carousel provides the employee(s) at a designated customer site while we take care of all the Human Resource functions. Quotes are based on customer requirements and the specific skill sets of the employee(s). We also have contracts that are effort-based charged by the hours worked.