There used to be a time when customers could engage three technology vendors for a given need and get three almost identical proposals. But those days are over. In today’s complex communications world, businesses need the services of true visionaries who can transform their business goals into reality.

That’s where Carousel fits in. Once our architects design a solution to meet your vision, our implementation teams get the job done right the first time. Our teams are led by hands-on, hand-picked company experts who thrive on finding creative solutions to the little hurdles that pop up while maintaining due dates for key deliverables. Just as no two designs and quotes are the same, neither are two implementation projects. Deployments in todays’ environment require the fine art of using a repeatable, flexible process on projects despite their differences. Each project has elements in common with its proceeding project. Knowing how to fit those elements together to form a new project, along with the choreography of individual subject matter experts, is where Carousel shines.

Even a relatively small-scale implementation effort requires focused attention on a myriad of details, all of which can impact the efficiency of your transition. We strive to make this transition truly seamless, from ordering the appropriate parts to drawing up a maintenance plan for their longevity. A Carousel project manager will keep you apprised of the progress of your project throughout its life. Whether your project entails installing a single line or an entire data center, our Implementation team will leverage our multi-step process to ensure your Implementation truly does transform your communications vision into reality.

Key Business Benefits

Nothing stands out in a client’s mind more than a botched installation. In today’s ROI-based world, few things are more costly than an ROI-based project that rolls out late. Carousel makes sure these things don’t happen, instead providing solutions that meet deadlines, extend required functionality to all appropriate users, and allow our clients to take advantage of expected business benefits.

Our Implementation process includes the following steps:

Initial Assessment and Integrity Check

  • Perform handoff from architecture and design teams to understand the intent of the project and the specifications.
  • Coordinate completion of planning documentation.
  • Stage gear in our Exeter, RI staging center.
  • Perform a complete test of all hardware and software.

Once the team is satisfied with the system integrity and software, we de-install the equipment, pack it and prepare it for shipment to your location. When the equipment arrives at your site, Carousel technicians will:

  • Unpack all equipment and adjuncts.
  • Perform a complete inventory to insure all equipment has arrived.
  • Rack and stack equipment.
  • Power up the system.
  • Perform a complete test of all equipment, hardware and software.

Evaluation for Cutover

At this point your new communication system will be up and running and ready for the cutover. This will allow you to access your system on site and make any changes that are necessary. The Carousel team will be on site when your new system goes live - ready to handle any issues that come about and make any changes necessary to ensure that your new communications solution is working just the way you want it. This process was created to give our customers complete assurance that their new system will work flawlessly. Our goal is to provide maximum quality and service with a minimum of disruption.

Registration and Maintenance

Each manufacturer has a specific process for registration and deployment of gear, and we take great pains to make sure we deploy every system per manufacturer specs. This makes sure they’ll accept the system for maintenance, that their records are properly updated to include the fact the system went live, and that where appropriate we’ve given manufacturers accurate inventories for their records. With more and more manufacturers requiring maintenance to get access to patches and updates, this thoroughness is more important than ever. We view it as just one more area where we go the extra mile to make sure your engagements go smoothly from start to finish.

A Carousel engineer will complete the cutover process by registering your system with Avaya, identifying your address and the equipment you have in place there. The Carousel team will always be available to answer your questions or concerns. In addition, Carousel offers comprehensive maintenance programs on our systems so you can be confident that your system will be serviced regularly and receive all of the latest software updates. We also want to keep you as a customer for a long time so we will continue to help you to identify new products and services which will benefit your business.