(NOC) Network Operations Center

Carousel’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art nerve center for all of our services operations. It keeps constant vigilance over your critical voice, data and video networks, applications and infrastructure. Carousel’s NOC is staffed by dozens of Tier 2, 3, and 4 highly-certified Engineers and uses technology to proactively monitor your entire data infrastructure 24/7.

Carousel has the ability to monitor traditional telephone system components and your entire network – from WAN segments to routers to switches to servers to PCs, telephones, and the applications they run – all from one, intuitive window. This means that multiple systems keep watch over your entire IP Telephony Communications infrastructure, ensuring that we quickly identify and resolve any anomalies anywhere throughout the system, sometimes before you know they exist. If there is an issue, the system triggers audible and visual alerts and sends emails a specific escalation path to our NOC Technicians and key Engineers to triage and resolve the event.

The NOC also contains our Help Desk, giving our Tier 2 Technicians immediate access to all tools necessary to troubleshoot any problems as well as access our Tier 3 and 4 Technicians and Engineers if needed.

Key Business Benefits

Speedy and Efficient Ticket Resolution - Our NOC processes over 7,000 tickets a month, reflecting our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to any anomalies in our customers’ networks.

Vast Customer Base - We service over 3,000 maintenance customers and support over 20,000 locations worldwide – proof of our satisfied customer base and wide geographic coverage.

Redundant Systems - Our sophisticated hardware and certified Technicians watch over your network from both a computer and human perspective, providing redundant monitoring to ensure any anomalies are detected immediately.

Exceptional Staff - Our Tier 2, 3, & 4 Technicians and Engineers hold the highest levels of certification and have direct access to manufacturer-specific Tier 3 & 4 Engineers if required.

Comprehensive Coverage - Our NOC can monitor both Voice Systems and multi-service Data networks so you are alerted of any irregularities present within your environment.

Peace of Mind - We monitor your systems at multiple levels to ensure your Service Level Agreements are being met.

Standardized Reporting - Carousel provides standard and custom reports outlining the health of your systems and your usage of the NOC, as well as Carousel’s response times, time to resolution, and other important statistics.

Carousel NOC Services

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