Readiness Assessments

Are you Ready for Success?

Get the Most out of Your Technology Implementations

Proper preparation prevents poor results. Carousel’s Readiness Assessments help ensure that you’ll be set up for success when you deploy your next big technology project.

With every assessment, Carousel will evaluate your current technology environment and identify any gaps between what you have today and what you expect to have after the deployment of your initiative. We’ll also include recommendations on how to bridge any of those gaps.

Carousel Assessments give you the answers to your most pressing technology questions:

  • Are your existing solutions in alignment with your business initiatives?
  • Are there opportunities for efficiency or increased ROI?
  • Are you technologically ready to adopt a new technology or solution set?

Contact Center Optimization Assessment

Streamline the effectiveness and efficiency of your most vital contact center operations. You’ll get a comprehensive examination of your agent infrastructure to determine the optimal balance between quality customer care and cost efficiency.
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Data Center Virtualization Assessment

Virtualization has ushered in a revolution in how the modern data center operates, offering strong bottom line advantages for companies eager to consolidate their computing resources and reduce long term IT costs. But how does your current virtualization solution truly match up to that promise? With Carousel Industries’ Data Center Virtualization Assessment, your organization can find out - and discover cost effective strategies for making the most of your most crucial computing resources.
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Desktop Virtualization Assessment

Enhance your company’s desktop power and productivity with virtualization solutions. Expect a comprehensive desktop inventory to determine how suitable your corporate infrastructure is for a comprehensive virtualized desktop solution.
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Kicking Off Successful IT Projects

With network topography becoming ever more complex and IT teams being asked to do more with less, taking the time to plan thoroughly prior to kicking off your IT projects is more critical than ever.
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Power, Cooling & Environmental Assessment

As today’s enterprises prepare to optimize for the challenges of next generation computing and networking applications, Carousel Industries’ Power and Cooling Quick Check delivers the confidence you need to make intelligent IT planning decisions.
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Storage Profiling Assessment

The rapid growth of data in today’s enterprise is placing continuous, escalating strain on storage infrastructures and the resources available to manage them. Organizations are turning to a new generation of storage efficiency and optimization solutions to better store, access and manage their information. With Carousel Industries’ Storage Profiling Assessment, your organization can identify opportunities for improving and optimizing your storage infrastructure.
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Video Readiness Assessment

Prepare your enterprise for the productivity of video conferencing and telepresence solutions. We’ll conduct a thorough review of your network to determine your current capacity for utilizing video services, followed by a report of remedies for weaknesses in your network.
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VoIP Readiness Assessment

Learn how to optimize your enterprise telephony with the power of VoIP telecommunications. This is a complete evaluation of your current network infrastructure, including an Avaya best practice and gap analysis.
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To learn more about Carousel Readiness Assessments, contact Bill S. Annino Jr, Vice President- Data Technologies Group, 800-401-0760 Ext 5263, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)