Unified Communications Services

Unified Communications Services

Today we understand that collaboration capabilities are fundamental to every enterprise’s operations, both routine and mission-critical. Throughout the business day we collaborate around documents, projects, concepts, customer issues… and the list goes on. Carousel has a long heritage of designing and deploying the very products that have become today’s most essential collaboration infrastructure and application suites.

Unified Communications (UC) Services and Collaboration Solutions are portfolios of solutions which incorporate multiple enterprise communication technologies and applications, as well as their associated software, services and equipment, to produce an environment that best supports the way your users work – offices, homes, mobile locations, your customers' locations – resulting in a workforce that’s efficient anywhere and everywhere. Carousel’s UC group provides services including design, integration and management for whichever packages best suit your enterprise.

More and more, users and businesses are leaning towards software-based solutions to address collaboration issues. The immense flexibility of being able to deliver the right functionality to the right device, plus reduced deployment times – from years for custom solutions to just days – are two compelling reasons for this switch. However, software-based systems require the network infrastructure to support them. That’s why Carousel offers both the systems and the support – we understand the need to factor in all the parts of the solution to ensure that it’s architected properly from the top down.

For SMBs, we offer the IP Office voice, messaging, conferencing, IM, mobile integration and applications package, which operate through a browser-based portal. For midsize businesses to large enterprises, Avaya’s Aura offers video, IM, audio, video, Web conferencing and messaging on a more robust scale. All of our UC and Collaboration Solutions leverage our consultative approach and deep technical expertise, ensuring that we architect a solution which directly addresses your business requirements. Plus, we can show you how to better use technology you may already own or supplement it with new applications to take your employees to new levels of productivity.

We have expertise in a wide range of Unified Communications applications.

Voice Messaging

Voice MessagingAvaya’s Modular Messaging product is one of the most advanced voice messaging systems ever manufactured and can be used in conjunction with products like Mutare’s EVM and Speech to Text. Using Avaya one-X Mobile, one-X Portal, and one-X Communicator, customers have the option of fixed, mobile and/or soft phones for complete voice messaging access. Enhanced messaging capabilities such as Speech Access give mobile employees hands-free access to desktop tools (e.g. messaging) and communications (e.g. dialing, conferencing) through simple and intuitive speech commands.

Visual Communications

Visual CommunicationsCarousel can design a visual communications package that can include separate voice, videoconferencing and Web conferencing capabilities, as well as unified conferencing capabilities. This holistic approach brings video components, integration points and physical space together into a single platform, providing connectivity throughout the enterprise.

Instant Messaging / Presence

Business Instant MessagingCarousel offers many Instant Messaging and Presence options, including both IBM Sametime and Microsoft Skype for Business for our customers’ instant messaging needs, as well as Avaya’s Aura Presence Services for presence integration with Avaya’s Aura Communications Manager and one-X product suite. Presence and IM have become indispensable business tools that will play an increasingly central role in collaboration.

Desktop Clients

Desktop ClientsDesktop-PBX integration is a necessity of today’s business environment. However, the sheer number of options available can be overwhelming. Carousel can help you choose the right soft phone and other desktop clients to meet your specific business need and provide the right level of functionality and usability to the client.


Mobility SolutionsCarousel offers the Avaya one-X Mobile system for fixed mobile convergence solutions. Today’s mobility solutions demand both functionality and visible cost savings and Carousel has experience delivering both for our clients through visual voicemail, instant messaging, and presence to/from the mobile device in conjunction with savings on cellular minutes by leveraging existing enterprise Wi-Fi using dual-mode devices.


Virtualization SolutionsDeveloping an enterprise virtualization strategy is key to leveraging this technology and architecture beyond the immediate financial benefits. Virtualization brings flexibility and agility to the business and that benefit needs to be understood within the organization. Carousel consultants will work with you to develop a roadmap that gets you from basic virtualization to having a fully functional private cloud.


FaxingFaxes may seem old-school but they often still tend to start or end a business engagement. Many customers save big bucks by switching to a server-based fax solution. Carousel can examine your environment’s hidden costs and develop an enterprise fax solution to help avoid them.

Our consultative approach includes a comprehensive network assessment to evaluate how we can design a solution which addresses your business challenges in order to achieve your business goals. For midsize businesses to large enterprises, Avaya Aura offers video, IM, audio, video, Web conferencing and messaging on a more robust scale.

Benefits of Unified Communications

The myriad of benefits our customers derive from our Unified Communications Services and Solutions have transformed organizations and generated tremendous efficiencies in time, money and sanity. Review the list below to see how your organization can benefit as well.

Simplified information-sharing – is a natural result of combining all of your communications technologies into a single interface accessible by multiple clients, from desktop to mobile. In addition, UC’s presence component shows a user’s location and availability, allowing for more efficient scheduling and eliminating time-consuming back-and-forth between remote resources.

Enhanced collaboration – is generated from all of your workgroups residing on a shared consistent interface accessible to you internally AND as you wish to provide to customers, partners and suppliers. The ability to quickly mobilize a team around a concept, issue, project, or any topic is essential to being sufficiently responsive in today’s marketplace. Identifying relevant team members and assembling them in the right media with the right content is the core of collaborative technologies today. This can result in enhanced customer services as employees have real-time access to the resources they need, when they need it.

Enhanced Mobility – More and more, employees work from locations outside your corporate office. Whether at home, at the airport, or a local coffee shop, allowing workers to communicate and collaborate effectively from any location is a win for the customer and the employee. Carousel’s UC solutions focus on employee mobility giving you the flexibility and capability to mobilize your workforce.

Faster decision-making – is made possible by easy access to communication applications including consolidated administration tools, contact center and notification applications, so your decision-makers and customer-service team can react more quickly to potential opportunities. Communications applications can also be directly integrated into business processes, making them more effective and efficient. In a geographically dispersed organization, finding the person with the right skillset FAST is key. Presence and collaboration solutions now allow you to find the right expert and reach them wherever they are.

Scalable technology – Carousel’s UC solutions are based on industry standard solutions designed to scale modularly from dozens of users to tens of thousands. This means your network can grow and evolve in pace with your business, so you will always have the capacity you need and the ability to purchase that capacity without the expensive investments in things like proprietary card cages.

Technology Efficiencies – Whether it’s the phone on your desk or the one on your hip, technology has shown us that the more things you can do with a single device, the better off you are. Now, one device can do voice, video, IM, e-mail – you name it. Enabling that for your enterprise creates a new way of work that will result in happier customers and employees.

Affordable for SMBs – traditionally UC Solutions have been too costly for SMBS, both in terms of finances and personnel. Luckily, Carousel’s solutions include scaled options or the whole spectrum that are viable for business that range from large enterprise organizations to more nimble mid-sized companies.

Easy integration – One of the big enablers for today’s UC solutions is the concept and technology of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Unlike ever before, vendors have a standardized interface by which to integrate with a wide array of other manufacturer’s gear. In addition, communications platforms have matured to the point where they can be connected to existing management tools using things like Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and syslog, making management a breeze. Plug and play really has come to the world of communications!

Of course, don’t forget all of the benefits which are naturally generated from the technologies comprising the Unified Communications Solutions in themselves. Check out our individual technology pages to learn more about what you can gain from each of these Solutions.