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This data and network maturity model helps IT and business leaders create a strategic technology vision for the enterprise.

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Data Networking & Infrastructure Solutions

From bytes to terabytes, data drives most business operations. Big data, self-service analytics, and new data processing frameworks present tremendous opportunities to those willing to explore the options.

Yet many enterprise organizations hesitate to invest in these opportunities, fearing risk and business disruption. At the same time, long-standing legacy solutions represent enormous sunk costs, even as their performance fails to meet business demands.

Carousel data networking solutions provide a blueprint for navigating and leveraging this new data ecosystem, while managing cost, personnel, and deployment timeframes.

Data Infrastructure & Networking Solutions
Cloud Services

What We Do

Our solution architects can help your organization:

  • Apply a best-practices data and network maturity model to all aspects of your data ecosystem
  • Assess the viability of cloud solutions and their security requirements
  • Ensure disaster recovery works securely in a wireless environment
  • Obtain the benefits of virtualization without disrupting IT integration
  • Determine the impact of physical infrastructure changes on ROI
  • Perform real-time monitoring of network assets (switches, routers, controllers, access points, etc.) and network connectivity

The Four Technology Pillars of a Data Ecosystem

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Managed Services

Interested in putting hours back into your day? Carousel's Managed Services Solutions, SmartPoint™ Managed Services and SmartPoint Guard™ security services, are designed to assist in day-to-day service delivery so your IT staff can focus on driving strategic business objectives.

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