Disaster Recovery:

Best Practices for Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Services

Need a compelling reason to invest in disaster recovery services? Turn on the news and you’ll soon realize that between natural disasters, unanticipated network equipment failures and targeted cybercrime, a proactive disaster recovery plan belongs at the top of your corporate agenda.

Today’s disaster recovery expertise must address both natural and human-induced disasters. A well-delivered phishing attack can cause a debilitating spiral of activity and cost, to say nothing of the damage an extended mission-critical system outage can cause.

Effective disaster recovery and its associated business continuity protocol anticipates and addresses disruptive events on a sliding scale, preparing for everything from “normal” everyday hiccups to truly disastrous communications outages. A simple document backup is no longer a sufficient strategy against today’s high-tech threats or the catastrophic domino-effect a simple human error can cause.

Carousel’s expert planning and consulting services define your key business processes and the potential impact of a wide variety of threats to both physical and virtual resources. Our Disaster Recovery expertise can prepare your network managers to protect and restore your vital business communications in minimal time while maintaining your business continuity under any conditions.

Disaster Recovery services include:

  • Risk Assessment of Current Capabilities and Gaps
  • Plan Design and Architecture & Strategy
  • Ongoing Support through Plan Implementation
  • Offsite Data Backup & Recovery Services

Technology products include:

Disaster Recovery Partners

Key Business Benefits

Minimize Impact on Productivity - Reduce your risk of losing business and productivity by proactively addressing areas where change or additional investments can help ensure the highest level of communications availability. Test disaster recovery plans ahead of time, to ensure proposed metrics are met for time-to-recovery of critical services.

Prioritize Critical Communications Components - Know exactly how you can rapidly re-route and restore critical communications technology and services that are required to keep the business running. If customers can’t contact you, they will contact your competitor – Carousel can help ensure that never happens!

Preserve Order Despite Chaos - Scenario planning and well-documented procedures that define how to deal with personnel, vendors, and clients during a period of disruption or disaster eliminate confusion and poor decision-making when actual outages do occur. When everyone knows their job and what happens next, it’s easy to meet expectations.

Maintain Your Customer SAT - Let your competitors be the ones telling their customers that the computer system is down again. Customers don’t tolerate excuses anymore – they want service. Let Carousel’s DR and business continuity planners keep your contact center excuse-free.

Safeguard Your Business - Minimize the financial impact of a disaster, keeping relationships with business partners, shareholders, stakeholders, strategic alliances, insurers and regulators intact. Disasters can include things as simple as failure of a single critical application like voice mail, upon which many business processes hinge – not just an entire data center outage. Each application should be considered within the framework of the larger organization to create a holistic strategy for return to service from a wide array of outages, and Carousel is here with skilled engineers and architects to help you get it done.