Security-specific Products

Keeping Your Data Safe and Sound

In today’s business environment of social media and cybercrime, your company’s intellectual capital might be traveling through any number of mediums, from cable to optical to mobile.

How to ensure your information isn’t snatched out of the air or peeked at by curious competitors? Conversely, how to keep those communications flowing at maximum speed without being bogged down by cumbersome security measures adopted in the name of safety? Carousel recognizes the importance of addressing these common network security challenges effectively. We offer a number of protective measures ranging from remote access to iPad and mobile tablet technology integration to web application protection and more. In addition, our comprehensive fault, performance and network security monitoring covers almost all makes and models of devices, operating systems and applications, including routers, switches, firewalls, printers, servers, and desktops.

Whether you’re determined to filter out your inbox SPAM, analyze your users’ application choices or simply link to your favorite customer’s Facebook page, Carousel’s IT Security solutions can help you and your team identify a solution that will keep your data safe and sound.

Carousel’s IT Security Services include:


Next Generation Firewall and Unified Threat Management

Next generation firewalls with unified threat management provide access control, reporting and visibility based on the user, location, device and application. They are the first line of defense for compliance and security visibility. 


Next Generation Network Access Control

Today’s network access control has evolved to provide real-time visibility and control for combined wired and wireless network access as part of BYOD. These next generation solutions provide pervasive network security and compliancy. 


Distributed Denial of Service DDOS

Distributed denial of service attacks cause business outages by disrupting traffic flow and services that affect the availability of internet-facing resources such as web presence and cloud infrastructure. DDOS attacks are stealthy, sophisticated multi-vector and application layer attacks. High performance, low latency, behavior based DDOS mitigation solutions help nullify these attacks by providing real-time, granular visibility. 


Web Application Firewall

Web Application Firewalls create an activity baseline while providing load-balancing, encryption offload, and content-based routing to improve application speeds, resource availability and transaction times. 


Email Security

Effective email security solutions provide sophisticated inspection technology to protect email, sensitive information and compliance by applying anti-spam, anti-malware and anti-phishing for inbound traffic. This is all done while applying data loss prevention, identity based encryption to outbound email traffic. 


Security Information and Event Monitoring

A security information and event monitoring solution consolidates large volumes of event log data from varied security appliances to provide a consolidated security view. These systems provide proactive intelligent network security threat management (monitoring, alerting, and reporting) to help provide increased network visibility and control. 


Intrusion Prevention Systems

Intrusion Prevention Systems when paired with security managed services continue to provide an in-depth security traffic analysis and mitigation of cyber attacks. IPS systems are one of the common weapons used to detect, report and prevent malware, command and control channels and attacks. 


Advance Persistent Threat

Malware is one of the more common ways attackers are able to penetrate a network and download additional attacks. Most firewalls, antivirus and IPS systems have defined signatures that look for specific patterns to identify malware. These systems are effective at stopping the bulk of malware but are ineffective against the top 10% of advanced persistent threat. 


Intrusion Deception: Honeypot & Tarpit

A network honey pot is an Internet-facing security solution that imitates a web server by deceiving the attacker into thinking they have accessed a real server. Tarpits build upon the honeypot concept by adding intrusion deception that provides proactive, real-time detection, tracking, profiling, and blocking the attack. 


Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access solutions enable an always on, mobile work force to flourish. The success of a work from home program is hinged upon secure remote access solutions. 


Mobile & Wireless Security

Laptops, tablets, and mobile phones provide unique security challenges because of the lack of standards across different devices and operating systems (droid, IOS, Microsoft, etc.) Mobile device management helps provide device management, work and home application segregation, device integrity and addition security. 


Database Security

Database security solutions provide comprehensive database security and compliance by protecting databases and applications from internal and external threats.