Is your wired network where you want it to be?

This data and network maturity model helps IT leaders measure their adoption of the latest technologies and strategies.

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Wired Network Infrastructure

Wired infrastructure environments—LAN and WAN—continue to be the digital backbone of most organizations. As wired network infrastructure grows in complexity, employing virtualization, enabling wireless access and often integrating with hybrid cloud environments, managing it effectively requires diverse skill sets and a vendor-neutral approach.

Our expertise with over 2,000 site rollouts and an in-house, state-of-the-art network operations center for remote monitoring can address any physical infrastructure challenge.

What We Do

Our in-house wired network infrastructure team offers design, implementation, and management services, which include:

  • Recommending hardware and software upgrades to boost performance while shrinking costs
  • Coordinating multiple vendors to create the best possible business outcome with the lowest exposure to risk
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce power consumption and carbon footprint
  • Manipulating heating and cooling loads
  • Analyzing backup battery life
  • Creating effective preventive maintenance plans
  • Monitoring infrastructure 24x7x365
Wired Network

We offer a vendor-neutral, holistic approach to guide you through the complexities of your Physical Infrastructure initiative. Our expertise with over 2,000 site rollouts and an in-house state-of-the-art Network Operations Center for remote monitoring can address any Physical Infrastructure challenge you are facing, not to mention decrease your kilowatt-hours and energy costs significantly, making it easy for you to cut the cord on your legacy equipment. MORE INFO  

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