Is your wireless network where you want it to be?

This data and network maturity model helps IT and business leaders measure their adoption of the latest technologies and strategies.

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Wireless Network Infrastructure

The BYOD trend and the increasing need to support a mobile workforce have forced enterprise organizations and SMBs to re-think their wireless network infrastructure. To boost or add wireless capability requires a detailed network assessment and careful planning.

Gartner predicts that by year-end 2016, more than $2 billion in online shopping will be performed exclusively by mobile digital assistants.

What We Do

Carousel engineers design your wireless networking infrastructure to support business objectives and enable collaboration between employees, customers, and guests by:

  • Assisting migration to the latest wireless standards, eliminating bottlenecks while minimizing network complexity
  • Streamlining user access and reducing interference from neighboring RF environments
  • Maintaining security and control without hampering self-service user access
  • Leveraging appropriate switching for device endpoints, sustaining network policies while “extending your edge to the air”
  • Using heat-map technology to assess wireless network coverage and signal strength
Wireless network maintenance and support