Lessons learned from moving communication & collaboration solutions to the cloud

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Cloud Unified Communication Services

More and more, businesses are leaning towards software solutions to address unified communications and the critical functions it supports, especially collaboration in sales, marketing, and product development. And, as the software-defined business evolves, many want to know whether moving workloads to the cloud is a smart move.

Unified Communications Cloud Services

Cloud Assessment = Savings

By removing the cost of on-premise infrastructure, you can decrease CAPEX and eliminate the cost of upgrades and maintenance while reducing deployment from months to days. Nevertheless, software-based systems still require the network infrastructure to support them and the expertise to integrate a complex, multi-vendor stack. That’s why we always begin any journey to cloud services with a thorough assessment of your present capabilities to determine if an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid solution is right for you.

What we do

Our cloud unified communications portfolio features:

  • Easy to use cloud video conferencing so you can work and collaborate from any device in “virtual meeting rooms”
  • Enterprise-class cloud telephony that takes advantage of the expanded functionality and cost savings available by moving PBX services to the cloud
  • A full-featured, highly scalable cloud contact center that removes the complexity of on-premise solutions

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Cloud-based Unified Communications
Cloud Unified Communications

Here's Our Offer

Simplicity Cloud offers a group of hosted solutions that feature cutting-edge innovation in a highly scalable and flexible service model. We offer hosted solutions for enterprise video conferencing, telephony, contact center, and collaboration.

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Secure networks, Carousel can help make sure your information and systems stay secure.

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Carousel is here 24/7/365 to keep your systems always running! We keep constant vigilance over your critical voice, data and video networks, applications and infrastructure. Our highly-certified engineers use technology to proactively monitor your entire communications infrastructure 24/7.

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Carousel Industries consultants and engineers welcome your questions as a critical part of developing the most appropriate cloud solution to meet your specific needs. We begin every customer engagement with a sit-down, where we eliminate any fear factors, giving you solutions, in terms you understand.

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