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Thanks to high-speed communications technologies, you might have customers and sales teams in more time zones than you can count. And despite chronic airline delays and crackdowns on carbon emissions, seeing is believing. Customers want face-to-face time before signing on the dotted line. And team collaboration is always more effective when the players can put faces to names. It’s a low cost technology solution to all your problems.

Carousel’s Visual Communications solutions get you in front of your customers without ever having to leave your desk. Our best-of-breed video technologies eliminate the time, expense and general hassle of travel, so you’ll start enjoying ROI from your very first customer meeting. And our team of experts will work smoothly between the customer and external partners’ needs.

These same solutions enable your dispersed team with collaborative capabilities which can streamline business processes and drastically shorten the sales cycle.

Video Communications Solutions

Wondering if your network can accommodate Video Conferencing?

Need real-time evaluation of health data and patient education?
Use DistribuCare

Need help developing a holistic Visual Collaboration strategy?

Wish you could take advantage of Video in the Cloud

Look to Carousel. Our video solutions are truly… visionary.


Managed Services

Interested in putting hours back into your day? Carousel's Managed Services Solutions, SmartPoint™ Managed Services and SmartPoint Guard™ security services, are designed to assist in day-to-day service delivery so your IT staff can focus on driving strategic business objectives.

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Technology is nothing without the expertise to bring your vision to life. Carousel Engineers understand how to seamlessly integrate our hand-picked video components into a comprehensive Visual Communications strategy which will empower your organization and reassure your customers.

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