DistribuCare Telemedicine System

Connecting providers with patients is a challenge. Telemedicine between two sites is easy. Scaled, sustained operation is not. Just like an airport needs air traffic control to organize and expedite the flow of flights, your health system needs real time data and automated process management.

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DistribuCare can:

Accelerate wellness, improve patient retention, and increase revenue for your health system.

Now there is a complete technology solution that simplifies the deployment of telemedicine. DistribuCare helps you better allocate unused resources to more efficiently serve patient populations – regardless of their location – across multiple sites. That means you can be more responsive and deliver better quality of and time to service.

Benefits of DistribuCare

DistribuCare accelerates wellness, improves patient retention, and increases revenue for health systems.

Increase Medical Referrals

Better access. Better outcomes.

Increase your referral footprint and expand access to your health practice through:

  • Urgent care remote support
  • Telemedicine consults on demand
  • Scheduled care coordination with specialists
  • Remote pharmacy support
  • Home care remote second opinions and support

This means increased patient referrals and revenue, reduced patient (and physician) travel, less time off of work, and shorter wait times to see a physician.

Reduce Cost

Drive down costs. Access new revenue streams.

DistribuCare’s managed workflow means you can:

  • Reduce costs through better allocation of resources.
  • Leverage a distributed workforce to see more patients.
  • Drive incremental revenue by marketing new services to new areas.
Virtual Waiting Room

The doctor will see you NOW.

Get out of the waiting room and in front of a live doctor sooner via a secure video patient consult. DistribuCare’s virtual waiting room links patients and physicians on demand. You be able to better allocate physician resources to more efficiently serve patient populations regardless of their location–across multiple sites.

Reduce Readmissions

Fewer readmissions means fewer ER visits.

Telemedicine solutions, including Home Monitoring support, can drastically reduce readmissions through real-time evaluation of health data and patient education to realize better clinical outcomes.


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