Today’s Gen-Texters let their fingers do the talking, but the art of conversation is alive and well at Carousel. We got our start in voice technology and have been an industry leader ever since.

Voice providers are a dime a dozen these days – what makes Carousel different? It’s our ability to effectively integrate voice solutions into everyday communication.

Voice is part of the bigger picture of Unified Communications with voice, video and IP taking over the way we conduct business. At Carousel, we know the products and applications to help organizations communicate more efficiently so that you can streamline business processes, reach the right resource the first time, and increase profitability.

Customers no longer have a single vendor to provide service for their real-time communications. What separates Carousel from others is our ability to understand the inter-workings of each manufacturer. Our expertise allows us to provide guidance on how various technologies work. This provides our voice customers with a seamless integrated solution that spans across many different manufacturers and technologies.

Afraid your VoIP / SIP integration won’t go smoothly?

Need help deciphering your Contact Center analytics?

Want to empower your social media channel with Mobility?

Wish you could take advantage of Voice in the Cloud?


Managed Services

Interested in putting hours back into your day? Carousel's Managed Services Solutions, SmartPoint™ Managed Services and SmartPoint Guard™ security services, are designed to assist in day-to-day service delivery so your IT staff can focus on driving strategic business objectives.

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We can help empower your voice, so you in turn can deliver a consistently better customer experience. We commence every customer engagement with a sit-down, where we dispel the fear factors and give you the straight story, in language you understand.

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