Contact Center

Customers can now reach you via IM, email, text, or chat. It changes the whole dynamics to Contact Centers. And it changes our focus, too.

Carousel may have started in voice communications but our efforts have evolved as trends around productivity, efficiency, and customer service have grown. Allow us to point out blind spots in your customer service wait times, and other eye-opening analytics, so you may focus on the bottom line… and satisfied customers.

Contact Center Solutions

We’re experts in designing, installing and maintaining Contact Centers. We recognize their pivotal role in your day-to-day business. Our consultants design systems to match your vision and needs. Allow our experts to reduce expenses using lower-cost channels, which supply a unified, efficient, and highly personalized experience that builds customer loyalty. And give your agents the context, both real-time and historical, to deliver a better customer experience.


Benefits of Contact Center Solutions

Our Contact Center Solutions deliver a range of benefits for stand-alone solutions or as part of a larger Unified Communications plan.

  • Increased Efficiencies - Speech recognition software facilitates customer handling, giving more efficient interactions. Critical statistics like how long an agent is on the phone provides insights into the precise cost of each interaction.
  • Smart Resource Allocation - Staff agents anywhere in the world, at precise intervals, down to the minute. Productivity can be improved with built-in animation.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction - Automate surveys to reveal the successes and failures of agent interactions; giving you a roadmap to improve.
  • Time Savings - Voice self-service applications to push simple calls to an automated system, releasing agents to address more important calls.
  • Improved Processes - Integrate technologies so agents can address faxes, email, web chat, and phone calls in a prioritized queue.
  • Increased Closing Rates - Agents tasked with both inbound and outbound campaigns simultaneously, resulting in more efficient call handling.
  • Built-In Training - Gather best practices from past interactions, providing a training repository of data for new agents. Voice analytics examines call histories, pointing out coaching opportunities and allowing agents and coaches to review prior calls.

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