Unified Messaging Solutions

Avaya Aura® Messaging

We solve our customers’ greatest communications problems by leveraging smart technologies combined with human skill to deliver high quality messaging platforms.

Avaya Aura Messaging

Many of Carousel’s customers, especially in the health care field, utilize Aura® Messaging to deliver time sensitive information. With the ability to send simultaneous critical voice or text alerts, result notifications, stat requests, and co-worker messages onto one application on a mobile device is, in some cases, lifesaving.

Avaya Aura® Messaging enables users access to email, voicemail, and fax from a single interface. It is an enterprise messaging solution that runs on a secure hardened Linux platform with local and geo-redundant capabilities to serve large distributed or centralized deployments. It offers flexible storage options with Avaya Storage or Microsoft Exchange. It also allows for easy migration from Octel Aria or Intuity Audix by transferring mailbox data, messages, and recorded greetings.

Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging

You don’t have to continue managing your voice mail or telephony networks and email systems, as separate entities.

Unified Messaging

Carousel will enhance your communications needs by implementing Unified Messaging for your voice mail and email. Often located in separate inboxes, email and voicemail, are typically hosted on different servers. Unified Messaging goes a step further. It combines voice and email messaging into one mailbox so you can listen to voice mail messages in your inbox or from any telephone. The blended features are what keep Carousel customers fully connected!

Feature Functions

There are two Unified Messaging interfaces available — the telephone user interface (TUI) and the voice user interface (VUI). Together, they are called Outlook Voice Access. Outlook Voice Access is used to access the Unified Messaging system from a telephone. Feature highlights include the following:

Benefits of unified messaging
  • Access voice mail
  • Listen to, forward, or reply to e-mail messages
  • Listen to calendar information
  • Access or dial contacts
  • Accept or cancel meeting requests
  • Set a voice mail message to let callers know you are not available
  • Set security preferences and personal options


  • A single inbox - Unified messaging can deliver all types of messaging and communication to a single inbox providing flexibility.
  • Efficient communication - Users can communicate more efficiently by having access to all communications at one time and being free to manage them in the way that's most convenient.
  • Cost savings - Streamlines the communications administration and consolidates the infrastructure for saving money
  • Access from anywhere - Merging email, voice, and other communications, users can get voice messages in email, have email dictated over the phone, or access communications via the Internet