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Companies realize now is the time for Unified Communications (UC). Starting with voice or telephone-centric systems is smartest when developing your UC structure.

Voice solutions have incorporated many of the key performance and reliability issues that must first be in place if collaborative solutions are to gain a secure foothold. Carousel supports the Avaya Aura® platform’s SIP-based architecture that makes doing business in the virtual world, easy, innovative, and truly collaborative. It keeps our customers on the path to a consistent unified user-interface.

Avaya Aura Communications Platform

With over 700 features, this architecture from Avaya provides users voice access from anywhere, anytime, anyplace while maintaining network security. As an Avaya Platinum Business partner, Carousel engineers are certified in the complete suite of Aura® products. Our voice experts will guide you through the process of bringing unified communications and contact center solutions to your entire enterprise. Integrate and deliver voice, video, data, and web communications applications and services to your team anywhere—whether they’re in the office, or on the go. It’s a very cost effective, reliable solution for many of Carousel’s voice customers.


Benefits of Avaya Aura Communications Platform
  • Cost Effective - Scale across locations, reduce overhead costs for administration, dynamically improve bandwidth, virtualize your core communications capabilities and keep your employees connected regardless of location
  • Reliability - Configure your platform for up to 99.999% availability. Keep your business communications and customer contact solutions up and running; provides a dependable link with local and geo-redundant capabilities to serve large distributed or centralized deployments
  • Investment Protection - Continue using digital, IP, and SIP-based solutions with core and application upgrade paths that renew and extend your investment
  • Collaboration - Avaya Aura Conferencing - Audio, web, and video conferencing solutions provide a unified practice on smart phones, desktops, or tablets
  • Mobility – Receive the same features on mobile devices as users have on desktops

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