Cybercriminals are constantly on the hunt for new ways to obtain information. According to the Better Business Bureau, they love to target people that widely share personal and corporate information on social media (especially not under a private account), because it makes their job that much easier. Attackers are far more sophisticated than we give them credit for. The most successful cybercriminals are not just technical experts at hacking, but they also have high levels of understanding on how to exploit the psychology of their targets.

Attackers search social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, and build profiles on people and companies.  Once the cybercriminal has built a profile, now they can craft messaging that they know their targets will want to engage with.

One of the highest areas of concern, is the unintentional posting of sensitive information about themselves or their companies, such as birth dates, anniversaries, IDs, badges, company programs, or benefits. This information is not always considered confidential but having it posted on social media can present serious vulnerabilities. Just search some hashtags like #WorkBadge on Instagram and you can see how information can be inadvertently shared that could be used in profiling and scamming.

We encourage everyone active on social media to thoroughly review content before posting online. It’s fun, helpful, and entertaining to create content and engage on social media–so long as it is done safely. Consider the content you’re sharing on social platforms and ask yourself if it easily gives criminals insight to an immense amount of personal and corporate details.

Cybercriminals can learn all about you! #BeCyberSmart and make it harder for them by avoiding posting full real names and pertinent home, school, and work details. #CyberAware.