Carousel team members spanning across different geographies, titles, and time zones completed a comprehensive cybersecurity training program in the areas of ethical hacking and auditing to become the company’s inaugural graduating class of Cyber Warriors.

As part of an ongoing commitment within Carousel to strengthen a Culture of Cybersecurity and Secure by Design philosophy, the advanced training focused on the most modern security threats and advanced attack vectors, providing real-world simulations of the latest techniques, best practices, tools and security measures. This program is another nod to the Carousel team’s ever-growing dedication to expanding technical expertise, as well as testament to Carousel’s Customer Success Obsessed philosophy.

Based on the highly-regarded Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) curriculum, the training covered the newest techniques in security, including Foot Printing & Reconnaissance, Scanning Networks, Vulnerability Analysis, System Hacking, Social Engineering, Session Hijacking and Evading IDS, Firewalls & Honeypots.  The CEH holds accreditation from National Security Agency (NSA), Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS), and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The training was led by Carousel’s Cyber Warrior Trainers: Manuel Lobao, CEH Senior Manager – Information Security and Emilio Teixeira, Network Security Engineer.

Some of the members of the graduating class are:

Andrew Dunn, Associate Engineer, Steven Brown, Service Delivery Manager; John Carlson, Technical Onboarding Team Member; Brian Volpe, Dedicated Technical Support Technician; Jeff Swift, Convergence Engineer; Victor Ciumac, Network Security Engineer; Marc Janicki, Video Systems Engineer; Chace Bourgault, Convergence Technician; Steven Russell, Associate Engineer, and Tristen Lambert, Convergence Technician.

“No business is able to survive without a level of security and risk mitigation, and attacks are growing exponentially,” said Lobao. “Security is not the job of the individual, but of us all. This program and ones like it are evangelizing security to become part of our DNA. We are proud to count ourselves among the Cyber Warriors leading the charge.”