In any competitive field, the only way to acquire premium talent is to pay for it. The best athletes get the biggest contracts, the most popular movie stars command the largest deals and in technology, the best and brightest minds are offered the top salaries. In fact, according to data from Payscale, CIOs in the United States now make more on average than CFOs and COOs, a sign of just how important IT has become to business success.

But IT is also different in one particular way from these other industries. Because technology evolves rapidly, the pressure to on-board premium talent is even greater, as the number of candidates with the most up-to-date skill sets is quite small compared to other professions. Inevitably, that skills shortage makes the competition for top performers extremely fierce. (read more on this topic by downloading this white paper titled “Surviving the IT Talent Deficit.”)

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Spending more to acquire the best and brightest is an investment in people, and like any investment, the goal is to get a positive return. In the IT world, that means your most skilled personnel must be focused on solving the most pressing challenges and bringing innovation to the organization. Having your best IT talent working on tasks to simply “keep the lights on” is poor resource allocation.

At the same time, keeping the lights on—or in the IT world, monitoring the network, resolving tickets etc.—is critical to the business. If the network or company-wide collaboration platform goes down, innovation and transformation take a back seat to crisis management.

So how can organizations ensure their infrastructure and systems are reliable without bogging their highest-paid and most innovative resources down in run-based tasks? One of the most popular ways organizations are tackling this challenge is enlisting the help of top-tier IT managed services providers (MSP) to keep their critical IT infrastructure up and running.

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Bringing on a best-of-breed MSP allows you to offload IT chores like:

  • Incident & Problem Management: The partner monitors for issues and can restore normal service quickly and efficiently
  • System Administration: Your MSP maintains and optimizes your current-state production environment, include patching, backup and restore, and configuration changes
  • Talent Acquisition: Rather than searching endlessly for IT talent, keep your top performers and innovators in-house and let the MSP take the place of retaining a larger staff

The bullets above are just a few of the reasons research firm MarketsandMarkets projects that the global MSP market will reach $242 billion by 2021, up from $145 billion in 2016. If your organization sits in a vertical where innovation is critical and talent resources are precious—and let’s face it; don’t we all—letting an MSP take charge of some of your “run” tasks may be your ticket to a transformative future.

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