Today’s IT leaders are tasked with everything from daily run tasks like patching to more strategic business initiatives like migrating data to the cloud. But how successful do they feel they are in propelling their organizations toward transformation? Carousel surveyed more than 300 New England-based IT leaders across several verticals to find out the top areas in which they are prioritizing for the remainder of 2017:

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How Can IT Leaders Drive Impact in These Areas?
1. Free up strategic brain power: Since IT spends so much time in run mode—completing chore tasks and mundane daily administration—innovation quickly takes a back seat. With the right managed services provider (MSP), companies can begin to out-task core IT functions, allowing them to reposition their internal talent to driving transformation.

2. Build a security program with strategy in mind: Leaders should consider a holistic approach to security, allowing them to identify the best security strategy for their business first, and then select appropriate vendors to get the job done. With hundreds of security vendors on the market, it can be difficult to sift through the endless claims about which one is best to tackle certain threats.

3. Understand the best consumption model for your needs: Today’s companies can consume technology in a manner that makes financial sense thanks to public, private and hybrid consumption models. Consider which applications you’d like to move to the cloud as you look to drive down costs and increase efficiency.