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Avaya Announces Winners of TADHack-mini Phoenix Hackathon at ENGAGE 2020

Read Full Article Challenge invited developers to design innovative, sustainable smart solutions for education, healthcare, energy and the environment Avaya ENGAGE 2020 – Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA), a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, today announced the winners of TADHack-mini Phoenix sponsored by Google and GitHub, which ran on February 1 and […]


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SCN Top 50 Systems Integrators of 2019

Read Full Article This year was not, unfortunately, the year an AV integration firm hit $1 billion—but we’re getting closer. AVI-SPL once again took the top spot on SCN’s annual Top 50 list. The firm has a projected revenue of $905 million from commercial AV systems installations this year—that’s $85 million more than its 2018 […]


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6 Unique InfoSec Metrics CISOs Should Track in 2020

Read the Full Article A regular audience with executive management and the board is part of the CISO role now. And security leaders know they need to bring measurable information to the conversation to explain and justify their performance and spending. Metrics are no longer optional in security management, and if risk leaders aren’t tracking […]


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141 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2020

Serial cybersecurity entrepreneur Shlomo Kramer said in a 2005 interview that cybersecurity is “a bit like Alice in Wonderland” where you run as fast as you can only to stay in place. In 2020, to paraphrase the second part of the Red Queen’s observation (actually from Through the Looking Glass), if you wish to stay ahead […]


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How Ethical Hacking Can Strengthen Your Data Center Security

The word “hacker” carries a negative connotation to many people, but hacking – even with the intent of breaking through security — isn’t always malicious. There are situations where hacking can help improve a data center’s cybersecurity. White Hats, Red Teams, and Pen Tests Ethical hackers look for security flaws in a system to help […]


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7 steps to stealth self-promotion and career advancement

By John Edwards In today’s IT world, hard work, reliability and productivity are no longer enough to ensure long-term career success. Few of today’s top leaders were able to make a name for themselves — or boost their position and compensation — by working quietly and diligently behind a desk. Like it or not, getting noticed […]


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The ‘Super Integrator:’ AV Integration Industry Responds to Global Demand

We’ve written a lot lately about the race between perennial AV integration industry powerhouse AVI-SPL and hard-charging Diversified in the race to be the first $1 billion integrator —and it’s possible Kenilworth, N.J.-based Diversified lapped the field with its acquisition of Rutledge AV in Australia.  But, while there’s a bit of a dichotomy in the way the firms think […]


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AV News to Know: New Products, Cool Projects and People in New Places September 13th

PSNI Global Alliance Adds NETGEAR as a North American Preferred Vendor Partner The PSNI Global Alliance this week announced NETGEAR as a North American Preferred Vendor Partner. NETGEAR provides networking products for small to medium-sized businesses. “Once again, we have been able to partner with a company among the best in their respective market and […]


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Carousel Industries Donates Laptops to Masonic Angel Foundation

Carousel Industries, a national IT service and consulting provider, recently donated a large block of retired Dell laptops to the Masonic Angel Foundation‘s Laptops for KidZ project. On August 13th, Masonic Angel Foundation volunteers Mathew Vyse, Joshua Bean and Joshua’s son Danny traveled to Exeter, Rhode Island to pick up the laptops at Carousel’s regional facility there. “We […]


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8 Job Hunting Tips for Aspiring Tech Professionals

As the calendar moves quickly toward late June, we are trending toward the tail end of the college graduation season, which is an incredibly exciting time. To those newly-minted graduates, congratulations on a major life accomplishment! All your hard work has been rewarded in the form of your college degree. For those graduates who are […]