We’ve written a lot lately about the race between perennial AV integration industry powerhouse AVI-SPL and hard-charging Diversified in the race to be the first $1 billion integrator —and it’s possible Kenilworth, N.J.-based Diversified lapped the field with its acquisition of Rutledge AV in Australia. 

But, while there’s a bit of a dichotomy in the way the firms think about and discuss their quest to achieve an AV integration industry first, one thing that links AVI-SPL and Diversified is the way they’ve grown over the years to be in position to reach that industry milestone. 

“What’s great and challenging at the same time is our customers’ global growth has made us better by implementing new standards, processes and tools for our mutual success. Nowhere have we seen this more evident than in AV and the connected workplace,” says Diversified founder and CEO Fred D’Alessandro.

Both AVI-SPL and Diversified have been strategic in finding opportunities that allowed them to expand into new parts of the world and have been unafraid to pursue the largest AV firms in a particular corner of the globe.

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