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Focusing on ‘Gain’ Instead of ‘Preventing Pain’ in IT

In one of my favorite business books, the New York Times bestseller “Decide” Steve McClatchy writes that psychological studies have confirmed that we can divide all sources of human motivation into two categories: to move toward “Gain” (or something you want) or to “Prevent Pain” (or prevent the loss of something you have). It has much applicability […]


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Extreme Networks’ Patriots Mobility Summit with Carousel Industries

“We like partners that drive that end-to-end connectivity solution, and that’s what Carousel brings to the table,” John Brams, director, sports and entertainment at Extreme, told us. And that’s why when executives at Gillette Stadium, home to the NFL’s New England Patriots, discussed an upgrade to the initial Extreme network that the vendor installed by itself […]


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Extreme Networks And Carousel Industries Make A Name As The Top Team For Stadium Wi-Fi

Networking solutions vendor Extreme Networks and solutions provider partner Carousel Industries see a major growth opportunity in implementing Wi-Fi technology at sports stadiums and the projects serve as high-profile examples of what’s possible for wireless in the enterprise, the companies told CRN. Executives from Extreme and Carousel, No. 61 on the 2017 CRN Solution Provider […]


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An IT Revolution Approaches

IT leaders are waging an important battle every day. We’re expected to be at the forefront of innovation—influencing and compelling our organizations to move toward business transformation while also keeping the lights on. But innovation and growth initiatives are inherently competitive with IT run activities and, unfortunately, the latter seems to win every time. Consequently, […]


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Avaya Partners: ‘It’s Time For A Change’

Partners say the restructuring and reorganization at Avaya is a breath of fresh air as the company’s channel partners have fought off competitors and a sales slowdown since the vendor filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection early this year. “Where we had deals held or maybe lost deals is really in that mid-market area where customers don’t really understand […]


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In-Store WiFi: A Game-Changer For Your Store’s EBITA

For over two decades I was a road warrior — a sales rep living out of my car with an innate skill of finding the cheapest places to refuel and grab food on the go. And, like any successful warrior, I also knew every single coffee shop, store and restaurant on my route that offered […]


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Think Differently to Beat the Skills Shortage

Too often, however, you can’t find the right person with the right skill set at the right time for the right price because the talent pool is becoming alarmingly shallow. In fact, the 2016 State of the CIO survey found that nearly two-thirds of respondents view this as an “existential threat” to their businesses. Read More


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159: One Integrated Culture | Nancy Contillo, Chief People Officer, Carousel Industries

Fast growing IT services firm Carousel Industries completed its acquisition of IT rival Atrion last fall aiming to become a $1-billion company. However, for Carousel’s Chief People Officer Nancy Contillo the dealmaking was only the merger’s kickoff and the creation of a single integrated workforce would take place over the months ahead. Join us when Nancy […]


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Carousel in CRN

Red-hot solution provider Carousel Industries hit an Internet of Things home run by providing one of Maryland’s top healthcare organizations with a connected technology platform that helps it boost patient care and support… Read the rest on CRN.


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How To Pull Together A Winning IT Team

As many hiring managers know, it’s a sellers market and companies have to be creative if they want to fill empty slots or new positions. Industry pros participating in the upcoming keynote, “Camp Talent: Pull Together a Winning Team” – at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, address creative ways to attract and keep the talent […]