In addition to VeraSMART Wireline and Wireless Call Accounting software, Calero (formerly Veramark Technologies) offers a wide range of Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions designed to turn insight into action through an intuitive user-interface and visually comprehensive analytics.

Calero helps simplify the management of voice, mobile and other unified communications services and assets. With a deep commitment to innovation and customer service, Calero’s CLM approach enables organizations to support the full communications lifecycle, from procurement to payment, including software and services that aid Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Managed Mobility Services (MMS) and Usage Management.

Calero has thousands of customers in the United States and more than 40 countries worldwide, including Fortune 1000 corporations, universities and government agencies.

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Key Offerings
  • VeraSMART Call Accounting and Reporting software helps you combine, simplify and share landline, cellular, and other business data and allocate telecommunication charges. Quickly deal with reporting inquiries so that you can stay focused on critical business operations. Add the new InSight Analytics data discovery and visualization tool to explore your call data in ways never before possible, get actionable insights and answers to “what if” scenarios.
  • Telecom Expense Management (TEM) helps organizations manage fixed-line voice, data and wireless expenses on a single platform. TEM allows you to holistically simplify the management of your communication services with a focus on optimizing your service costs.
  • Wireless Expense Management (WEM) provides the insight and transparency required to simplify your wireless communication costs, enhance services, increase productivity and improve regulatory compliance.
  • IT Expense Management (ITEM) supports the entire arena of IT business operations by providing clear, real-time transparency into all IT assets and services. ITEM drives significant cost savings by helping IT executives eliminate erroneous billing, right sizing capacity against usage, consolidating vendors and renegotiating existing contracts.
  • Managed Mobility Services covers everything mobile, from strategy development, ordering devices, configuration, deployment, support and expense management, to managing services and securing retired devices when employees leave.
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration Analytics allows you to gain the ‘big picture’ view by helping you visually consolidate the full spectrum of communication data with the goals of improving adoption, increasing ROI and control, and supporting the entire organization.