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IntelePeer delivers an omni-channel communication platform as a service (CPaaS) built for the enterprise. We believe that business communications are meant for more than just simple interactions – they should enable businesses to deliver truly delightful experiences.

With our voice, messaging, ready-to-use applications, open APIs, and real time analytics, companies can build and integrate communications-enabled workflows to create world-class customer experiences and improve business processes through automation. Our full-stack solution is backed by a rock-solid network and a team of experts who provide nothing but award-winning customer service. It’s time to move beyond basic communications!

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key offerings

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

Atmosphere® CPaaS is designed to solve the challenges and unique communications needs of enterprises. CPaaS lets you seamlessly integrate omni-channel communications into your customer experience and business workflows for a complete communications experience. CPaaS can be used to deliver world-class communications experiences, create more effective customer interactions, and improve business. IntelePeer’s CPaaS application suite consists of:

  • Atmosphere® SmartFlows: Visual designer to build and instantaneously deploy communications-enabled workflows that are integrated into existing process and applications.
  • Atmosphere® Engage: Omni-channel campaign management application that allows users to easily execute campaigns such as promotions, billing reminders, maintenance notifications, and more.
  • Atmosphere® Insights: A powerful combination of analytics, AI, and predictive decision-making tools to help you better understand how your customers are interacting with your business.

Voice Services

Atmosphere Voice Services is a powerful communications platform that delivers global voice connectivity over an all-IP network. Our reliable and flexible platform eases the transition to IP-enabled cloud services, provides scalability, and creates significant cost savings.


Atmosphere® Messaging allows users to send and receive messaging through business phone numbers. Through an SMS API, Messaging for Cisco Webex Teams, and Short Codes, IntelePeer offers a cost-effective, omni-channel communications solution to automate business processes and connect with customers through their preferred communication method.