Through unified communication technology Mutare creates software that makes communication easy, secure and efficient, with solutions for speech to text transcription, smart notification, secure mass notification and more. For more information visit us at www.mutare.com.

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Key Offerings
  • Smart Assist by Mutare (SAM)
    • SAM completes missed calls, records a voice memo, transcribes the voice memo to text, and delivers the text message as an email and/or SMS text message to the intended call recipient. Supports word spotting, message analytics and CRM appending for faster response.
  • Enterprise Text (eText)
    • A business-grade text solution that enables individuals within the organization to engage in two-way text conversations with customers and clients from their PC or mobile device.
  • EVM3
    • A client-less solution that works with existing voicemail systems to unify enterprise and mobile voicemail with email, text messaging and instant messaging.
  • Vital Link
    • Secure 2-Way Communication: Complies with HIPAA regulations for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.
    • Mass Notification: Emergency and Mass Notification for employee and community safety.
    • Customer / Patient Engagement: Reminders, surveys an d alerts to engage customers and patients on mobile devices.