Starfish is a leading software company providing communication management solutions for multi-vendor unified communication and contact center platforms for on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid environments. Our solutions are tightly integrated with leading IT business applications including ITSM such as ServiceNow, Identity Managers and HR systems. Starfish automates millions of transactions annually for many of the world’s largest enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. Our technology empowers these enterprises to become more agile and respond faster to dynamic conditions

Areas of Specialization:

  • Automation– Automate day-to-day communication management workflows by integrating with IT applications such as Active Directory, Identity Managers, IT Service Management Systems and HR Systems.
  • Self-Service – Empower end users and delegated administrators to manage passwords and perform authorized changes to communication devices and applications.
  • Monitoring & Optimization – Gain visibility into actual, real-time usage of communication systems to identify and resolve problems before they become service impacting.

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Key Offerings
  • Provisioning Solution
  • Directory Solution
  • Self-Service Manager
  • Resource Manager
  • Phone Number Manager
  • Migration Solution
  • Click-to-Communicate