Carousel Responds to COVID-19
At Carousel, we care deeply for the well-being of our employees, customers, communities, partners, and business ecosystem network. We are in this together, and remain fixated on ensuring your business's health and resilience during this unprecedented event. Need to connect with a Carousel representative on COVID-19 considerations or concerns? Email or call 800-285-2502.

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During this webcast, you will hear from Carousel, Cisco, and GreyCastle subject matter experts while they discuss:

  • Leveraging Cisco security solutions in a layered and integrated fashion to slow down ransomware and malicious activity.
  • How Umbrella, Cloud Email Security, and AMP for endpoints provide the visibility required in today’s threat landscape.
  • How Cisco’s Threat Response (CTR) tool simplifies “the search for bad stuff”.
  • Ease of identifying malicious activity and mitigating the threat.
  • GreyCastle Security, a Carousel partner, will highlight the valuable field experience they’ve gained in responding to security incidents and performing forensics work across a multitude of verticals at a national level.
  • Topics will include how to prepare, respond, and triage threats.
  • PLUS, we’ll discuss how the solutions mentioned above can be used to lessen the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has placed on our IT organizations.