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With so many “as-a-Service” consumption models available, executing a cloud deployment can be extremely complex. While the benefits of the cloud are clear, making a mistake can hurt both IT’s reputation and organizational objectives as a whole.
So, what is the key to avoid migration mistakes and moving to the cloud successfully? Planning. By undergoing a thorough cloud readiness assessment with an expert consultant, your organization can create a roadmap to the cloud that lowers the barrier to entry and helps eliminate common pain points.
With a cloud readiness assessment, your organization will:
  • Get a holistic and granular view of its entire IT environment, identifying any gaps that need to be filled before moving to the cloud
  • Gain a better understanding what workloads and areas of the IT stack to migrate first
  • Create a step-by-step migration plan that leaves nothing to chance
  • Begin to establish a Day 2 plan to ensure that your cloud environment is maintained and supported after migration.