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At Carousel, we care deeply for the well-being of our employees, customers, communities, partners, and business ecosystem network. We are in this together, and remain fixated on ensuring your business's health and resilience during this unprecedented event. Need to connect with a Carousel representative on COVID-19 considerations or concerns? Email or call 800-285-2502.

Carousel is introducing a new educational series, the Always On Podcast Series which will feature industry experts from partners, customers, and industry analysts, who will share their perspective on topics from today’s most pressing issues, such as technology in times of crisis, enabling technologies to watch, cybersecurity and more.

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IOT Security: Challenge Accepted with Ordr’s Jeff Horne

Connected devices pose a serious challenge to network security these days. Is your organization ready to tackle the threat that connected devices create? I wanted to explore this topic further which is why I reached out to an expert in this field. Jeff Horne is the Chief Security Officer at Ordr and since Ordr is a platform that creates connected device visibility within organizations, I knew he was exactly who I wanted to speak to about this challenge that many organizations increasingly face. Join us for this discussion about the challenges organizations have with the management, security, and privacy of IoT and connected devices.

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Episode 6

Resilience and Recovery Through the Lens of Ransomware

Attacks by ransomware are increasing in a very public way which is why rapid recovery capability is so important in today’s marketplace. On this episode of Always On, Josh Haley and I discuss the importance of resilience, rapid recovery capability, and how ransomware is affecting the market today. Join us as we explore the intersection between technology and security in business.

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Episode 5

Up Close and Personal with SASE with Eyal Webber-Zvik and Jonny Noble, Ep # 5

Security teams everywhere are struggling. They are struggling with the amount of data and information that they are presented with daily. SASE may be the converged solution that your security team has been looking for.

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Jason Albuquerque

CISO | Carousel Industries

As CIO and CSO with more than 20 years of experience in the technology field, Jason is responsible for Carousel’s IT Operations, Enterprise Security and Compliance, and Innovation Center of Excellence. He takes pride in leading the charge in building a culture that is secure by design for the Carousel community and its clients.