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When enabling your business and supporting clients, it can be easy to compute managed services with your technology roadmap, while neglecting managed services for your physical assets. Our Inventory Management Service helps you monitor and maintain tangible and intangible assets, providing you the greatest ROI and minimizing future expenses—an important service as your business grows and inventory management and logistics become more complex.

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Inventory Management Service

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What We Offer

Our ISO compliant Inventory Management Service, with a patented serialized barcoding system, provides you with total command of your assets with the security of a zero percent shrinkage guarantee.

Inventory and Storage

Use our ISO 9001:2008 compliant facility to store and manage equipment, in addition to forward and reverse logistics support.

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Repair, Refurbish and Equipment Optimization

With our full-service, certified repair center, we can evaluate your existing equipment and surplus inventory and recommend what to resell, refurbish or scrap to optimize your capital investment.

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Through our patented barcoding process, each piece of equipment is given a serialized barcode that can be tracked throughout the life of the product.

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Custom Packaging and Reporting

Enjoy easy access to specialized packaging, customized literature and pre-paid return labels, as well as personalized access to reports.

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Global Shipping and Logistics

Our partnerships with leading carriers and freight companies allow you to ship globally—on time and cost-efficiently with our shipments TSA approved.

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Businesses can focus on serving clients and growing the enterprise, while leaving the logistics of inventory management to us. Using an IMS, leaders can reduce CAPEX, minimize real-estate and overhead support, maintain compliance requirements, improve the speed and accuracy of technology deployments and maintain real-time, lifetime data reporting of all physical assets.

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