Carousel Responds to COVID-19
At Carousel, we care deeply for the well-being of our employees, customers, communities, partners, and business ecosystem network. We are in this together, and remain fixated on ensuring your business's health and resilience during this unprecedented event. Need to connect with a Carousel representative on COVID-19 considerations or concerns? Email or call 800-285-2502.
Your Challenge

Whether your business is challenged by budget cuts, travel freezes or multiple time zones, it’s still imperative to maintain facetime with your key stakeholders.

Now more than ever, businesses are feeling the pressure to differentiate their services and communicate on a reliable, secure and scalable platform.

How We Can Help

Our team of UC&C experts can integrate and deliver a custom voice, data or video communications system to keep you connected to those that matter most to your business—your employees, partners and clients.

We’ll help you gain a competitive edge through efficient, personal contact helping you maintain and strengthen important relationships.

Client Successes | Unified Communication & Collaboration

Learn how Simonds International Migrated to Office365 to enjoy enhanced communication

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Key Benefits

Drive Reliability

A robust network and secure platform mean the days of dropped calls or jumbled video screens are long-gone.

Better Scalability & Agility

Whether it’s two people or 200, you can host live conferences when and where you want, without having to worry about architecture limitationsall in an effort to more quickly and efficiently drive business growth.

Strong Differentiation

Increase business differentiation in the marketplace with enhanced productivity and establish stronger, more loyal business relationships through personal contact.

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