Another state and local government organization has turned to Carousel to help it modernize its aging communications system in the name of improved capability, reliability, ease of use, and lower costs.

The town of Babylon, NY (Long Island) has partnered with Carousel to replace its 15-year-old legacy, copper-based phone system to a fiber-optic, cloud-based system at Town Hall to deliver significantly improved service to its 12,000 residents, while also reducing operational costs. New phones have been or are in progress of installation at a local animal shelter, at the town’s parks and recreation building, and at the senior center. This switchover in all facilities is expected to be completed by year’s end and will save the town more than $1 million over the next decade, the town reports.

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Excluding fax machines, the town currently has 430 phone numbers throughout Town Hall and 18 other facilities. Those numbers are spread out among four different systems, with separate servers, using three service providers: Broadview Networks, Verizon, and Optimum. Currently, operational costs exceed $34,000 a month in usage and almost $4,000 a month in repairs and maintenance, said town spokesman Kevin Bonner.

The new system implemented by Carousel will cost $36,000 a month for the first three years, including maintenance, hardware and installation. After that, the monthly cost will be reduced to $25,000, resulting in cost savings of more than $1.1 million over 10 years, Bonner said.

Besides reducing costs, the new system will deliver greater reliability and efficiency, which will be particularly important in the event of bad weather in the form of hurricanes and winter storms, not uncommon events on Long Island. Currently, employees have limited caller ID and cannot see missed calls. They also cannot transfer calls to other town facilities, but will have that capability with the new Carousel system.

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“Our existing system is not the easiest system to work with,” said Deputy Supervisor Tony Martinez. “The new system will be more intuitive, more user-friendly.”

“Projects like these are particularly gratifying to the Carousel team because they involve increasing public safety and making people’s everyday lives more efficient. You can see the fruits of our labor very quickly,” said Diane Slevin-Boyle, the Carousel account executive leading this project.

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