NWN Carousel is thrilled to be among the top 30 small-to-mid-sized companies in the country to be recognized by Comparably for 2021 Work-Life Balance!

The awards are selected based on employee opinion in nearly 20 core culture categories. We ranked #28 on this year’s list.

At NWN Carousel, we pride ourselves as being a culture that values leadership, innovation, enthusiasm, and work-life balance.

“The experience is unlike any other. I have worked at three companies similar to NWN Carousel and the culture that has been created is unmatched. I feel comfortable with my team members both when things are going well or not going well. I am well taken care of financially and very pleased with management.”
Comparably Survey Respondent, NWN Carousel employee

While technology has blurred the boundaries between work and home, we strongly support our employees in their pursuit of an equal commitment to work, family and community.

There is no greater honor than meeting the new expectations around a better quality of life. By providing our teams with a flexible work style, we make fair time allocation our top priority.

As we strive toward a common goal of providing our customers with the technology required for a successful hybrid work model, we must also meet the individual expectations of our employees.

“Our employees are the foundation of everything we do at NWN Carousel,” Jim Sullivan, CEO, NWN Carousel said.

“Their unparalleled commitment to our customers and partners is responsible for catapulting NWN Carousel to the top of the cloud communications service providers market and putting this company in a position to capitalize on a tremendous opportunity: provisioning communications for work from anywhere employees.

This award means so much because it demonstrates that we are matching their commitment with a commitment to them, one that helps them put in the proper perspective and prioritize their families and their lives outside of NWN Carousel, ” said Jim.

Five months after our recent acquisition, we continue to work diligently to provide our customers with agile cloud service offerings in order to meet their growing business goals. We also strive to uphold our core values by listening to our employees’ needs.

Join us on our journey to creating a satisfied workforce!